GoddessBig2earth.jpg (345015 bytes)

Goddess Watching over earth


I was having so much fun with fractals, I want to share them with friends.  Most were done with Fractal Explorer available to download  here  or visit their site  http://www.eclectasy.com/Fractal-Explorer/index.html

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    Garden of Promises.jpg (28521 bytes)        Rising.jpg (29287 bytes)

Garden of Promises              Rising

Balancing Act2laq.jpg (35547 bytes)     Double Moons.jpg (26616 bytes)

Balancing Act         Double Moons

  Stairway to infinity3.jpg (43830 bytes) Stairway to infinity3Gliterio.jpg (234748 bytes)  Stairway to infinity3laq1.jpg (785561 bytes) Stairway to infinity3Ath2.jpg (39984 bytes)

 Stairway to Infinity

The first image has no Post Processing. The others have different filters added.

j21.jpg (31984 bytes)      J23a.jpg (51084 bytes)    
J27.jpg (176358 bytes)      J27a.jpg (39929 bytes) Bubbles.jpg (75286 bytes)      Bridge over fire.jpg (160024 bytes)

                                 Bubbles                Bridge over Fire

          Satin&Lace2.jpg (54703 bytes)          Song of Summer.jpg (40438 bytes)

Satin & Lace           Song of Summer

       J22.jpg (16977 bytes)      Tangled Web.jpg (539196 bytes)

                                      Colors                 Tangled Web

J24.jpg (45457 bytes)          Lace2.jpg (46987 bytes)

                                 Dancers                      Lace

Pansey.jpg (20235 bytes)        J19.jpg (21722 bytes)

                                Pansy                       Star

   MarySweet.jpg (98147 bytes)      MarySweet3.jpg (89467 bytes)

These two fractals are for Mary Sweet!

Das Boot Var1a.jpg (521592 bytes)    Palm Swirls.jpg (88902 bytes)

   Das Boot              Palm Swirls

Making Lace.jpg (218154 bytes)       Garden of Spirals.jpg (299722 bytes)

Making Lace            Garden of Spirals

         Complicated Heart7.jpg (199698 bytes)    Spirals.jpg (39350 bytes)

Complicated Heart     Spirals

Garden of Spirals.jpg (299722 bytes)   Winter Morning.jpg (258862 bytes)

   Garden of Spirals        Winter Morning

Butterfly Queen2b.jpg (286859 bytes)           FeatherySpiral Gold2blue.jpg (52289 bytes)

Butterfly Queen                Feathery Spiral 

J27.jpg (149567 bytes)     Rise & Shine.jpg (28293 bytes)

Double Spirals     Rise & Shine!

Midnight Garden.jpg (120798 bytes)       Flowers.jpg (28073 bytes)

                             Midnight Garden      Flowers

Mind Boggling Fractals
These were done with formulas that came with the program 
Mind- Boggling Fractals at Paul Carlson's site. 
Spiral14flood.jpg (257438 bytes)         Petal Spiral2.jpg (350399 bytes)

Spiral Rising        Petals

Wierd2.jpg (93408 bytes)        Rainbow Way2w.jpg (354170 bytes)

Weird One        Rainbow Way

  Valentine2fl.jpg (290329 bytes)        SpiralJ12.jpg (508122 bytes)

Valentine           More Spirals

Temple of the Spirit.jpg (324966 bytes)    Split Balls.jpg (316126 bytes)

Temple of the Spirit    Another Spiral

Sterling Software
st-10-10-05Headdress.jpg (631509 bytes)      Lapis4.jpg (147088 bytes)     Jewels.jpg (238005 bytes)

               Headdress            Lapis Necklace          Jewels

stv16-09-19-02revFeathers.jpg (333526 bytes)   Question in Blue.jpg (268055 bytes)    

Feathers    Question in Blue

    s01 - rev.jpg (327635 bytes)   Sharp1.jpg (28524 bytes)

                                      Cross          Flood              Sharp

Easter ColorsforWeb.jpg (24167 bytes)     Judy3b.jpg (26275 bytes)    Judy3a.jpg (25925 bytes)

                Easter Colors      With Filters

Variations of the same fractal

Spring Colors.jpg (678861 bytes)     st-10-10-05Crown.jpg (296971 bytes)       st-10-10-05HeaddressLantern.jpg (225790 bytes)

           Spring Colors               Crown                    Headdress

Valley2.jpg (51702 bytes)    Dragon.jpg (53472 bytes)    More Jewels.jpg (42000 bytes)
Casting the Net.jpg (286770 bytes)        Space Station.jpg (551490 bytes)  

                      Casting The Net          Space Station

Warp Drive.jpg (267099 bytes)      Wild One2.jpg (422500 bytes)

                               Warp Drive          Wild One

4D.jpg (41475 bytes)     3D image.jpg (236898 bytes) Frax1.jpg (505639 bytes)   Frax6.jpg (32520 bytes)
Frax3.jpg (30188 bytes)        Frax2.jpg (26267 bytes)      Frax6.jpg (32520 bytes)     FraxFlame2a.jpg (423399 bytes)
FraxPlorer1.jpg (37059 bytes)     Frax8.jpg (43174 bytes)       4D Bevels.jpg (30798 bytes)

All art created by Judy Tallman and copyright 2001.  All rights reserved. For information on our 
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